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Customer Acquisition

Target Profitable New Customers

With over 15 years of experience, IMS List Brokerage will be a strong partner who shares your vision and responsibility for campaign execution and profitability. IMS List Brokerage will help fine-tune existing marketing and circulation plans or new product ventures.

Our catalog clients include well-established companies with strong brands. 

IMS List Brokerage generates maximum profit for its clients by providing efficient list fulfillment, profitable and targeted list recommendations through list research, and list-pricing negotiations. IMS List Brokerage is committed to providing innovative acquisition strategies as well as outstanding customer service for its clients.

The process of providing comprehensive customer acquisition strategies starts with a thorough understanding of the product or service being marketed and its competitive marketplace.  Our list professional’s knowledge is extensive and includes direct marketing expertise, reporting capabilities, innovative ideas, and exceptional client service. 

Working with IMS List Brokerage ensures a high quality, cost effective direct mail campaign.