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Private Label Credit

Offer Buy Now, Pay Later to give your customers the freedom to buy what they need now.

Penetrate New Markets

Expand into adjacent, sub-prime markets where many other retailers with alternate, off-balance sheet credit strategies are not able to reach.

Drive Incremental Sales

Improve the performance of existing customer acquisition campaigns and open up potential new sources for customer acquisition.

Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Make active customers buy more, and more often, and reactivate older buyers from the customer file.

IMS’ Private Label Credit Program

IMS’ Private Label Credit Program provides businesses a unique Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) solution that allows you to tap into a customer segment that very few, if any, other BNPL providers are able to access. Providing a comprehensive, full service solution that is distinctly different from other BNPL players, IMS has been a trusted provider in the retail credit sector for 30+ years.

Want to learn more about our business model and how your business may benefit?