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Who We’re For &
What We Do

We’re not for everyone. That’s okay. We’re ALL IN for curious, relentlessly-ambitious business leaders who never stop at good enough. Some wins happen only when you push through good to great.

About Us - Merchandising

The GURU Solutions Suite by IMS helps Marketing, Merchandising and Customer Care leaders get there faster, without going it alone. 

Building these breakthrough solutions wasn’t cheap, easy or quick. But it was worth it. The businesses IMS has served for more than 25 years, including Colony Brands and other industry leaders, grow profitably while competitors faltered. Let’s boost your success together, like we have for decades for the industry’s leaders. Let’s get after it. 

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What We Stand For
Integrated Marketing Solutions to help trailblazers go further, faster.


We don’t chase trends; we pursue knowledge relentlessly.

With a century of direct marketing expertise, we’ve distilled what truly works and strive for continuous improvement. We lead with data-driven wisdom, crafting unshakable business strategies for ourselves and our customers.


Curiosity isn’t just our compass; it’s our engine.

Fueled by inexhaustible curiosity and unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, we’re open to fresh possibilities. Having discovered treasures on the road less traveled, we’re passionate about lighting the path for our inquisitive customers.


Without INSIGHT, data is just numbers.

Data is the means to insights that drive decisions. We foster open, honest dialogue among our experts and partners to cultivate sharp understanding, illuminating a clear path forward.


We embrace and speak the TRUTH, even when it stings.

An honest and humble grasp of reality takes guts, but recognizing our pain points is the first step to progress. We hold ourselves, our team, and our partners accountable for facing reality head-on and taking action to make it better.


Dogged PERSISTENCE keeps us in the battle, so we can win the war.

We didn’t survive the Great Depression, World War II and 15 recessions without the willingness to persist no matter what. Weathering time, trends and countless economic storms has taught us the value of persistence. We always find the answer, no matter how challenging the problem.

Our History

Established in 1997, Integrated Marketing Solutions (IMS) was a spin-off from The Swiss Colony, now Colony Brands, Inc. IMS was formed as an independent entity to allow the highly successful strategies developed by Colony Brands to be leveraged across a broader range of business opportunities and for other businesses who want to realize their full growth and profit potential.

About Us - Marketing Team