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Unleash Your Merchandising Team’s Profit Potential

We get it. Catalog merchandising leaders face tough challenges:

  • Pressure to drive growth and profit faster
  • Drowning in spreadsheets and endless item-level metrics
  • No time for product development 
  • Declining hit rates on new products
  • Drive one winning strategy across your organization
  • Rising direct marketing costs
Meet a fellow cataloger with proven solutions to save time and drive profit for your merchandising team.

Proven Solution for Modern Merchandising Challenges

We’re catalog product leaders like you.

We invested millions of dollars and countless people hours to build and stress-test a data-driven product scoring software solution to solve modern merchandising problems.

Product teams save time, drive revenue and profit growth.

AssortmentGURU works. This proprietary assortment optimization tool saves product teams time and boosts contribution margin by more than 2 points. Product folks can do what they do best: create winning products that drive growth.

Our proven catalog merchandising tools are now available to help you WIN. 

As an independent spin-off from Colony Brands since 1997, IMS brings highly successful strategies to catalog clients like you. AssortmentGURU is ready for you, so you don’t have to take on investment and hard work. We’ve already developed and battle-tested this powerful tool.

Powerful Tools for Seasoned Merchandising Leaders

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  • Better product decisions, faster
  • Drive profitable growth in 33% less time
  • Get product leaders back to product development

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Get the wins you want next season. No risk. No obligation.

  • Book a 30-Min Virtual Demo with AssortmentGURU experts
  • See what AssortmentGURU can do for you
  • Get a $100 gift card from The Swiss Colony® as our thanks for your time.  (We know folks in the food gifts biz.)

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