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Data-Driven Solutions for Modern Marketing Challenges

Marketing leaders, we understand the challenges you face in the competitive landscape.

  • Rising postage and paper costs
  • Declining mailing productivity
  • Lack of contact strategy controls across brands, titles
  • Pinpointing cannibalization and what’s incremental
  • Resourcing customer acquisition to grow
  • Driving growth and profit in today’s omnichannel world
Partner with a catalog marketing GURU who’s earned success and can light your path.

Proven Results for Your Catalog Marketing Challenges

We’re catalog marketers like you.

Driven by the desire to go from good to great and drive record-breaking results, we invested millions of dollars and countless hours by leading data scientists to develop data-driven solutions. Now, we drive incremental growth and profit that far outpaces the industry.

Innovative direct marketing strategies to tackle modern times.

Like you, we knew that yesterday’s outdated marketing tactics weren’t cutting it. We took a fresh approach to get the wins we wanted. We have the tools and plans to help you do the same. 

Solutions proven by catalog warriors, now ready to help you WIN.

Founded in 1997 as an independent spin-off from Colony Brands, IMS was established to apply our highly successful strategies to a broader range of opportunities and clients. Our solutions are now available to you, sparing your marketing team the struggles we endured.

Battle-Tested Solutions for Seasoned Direct Marketing Leaders

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  • Optimize contact frequency
  • Mail to the contacts who’ll buy more, more often
  • Maximize mailing productivity & fund more customer acquisition
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  • Drive higher AOV and order frequency
  • Tap new customer segments
  • Trade marketing costs for profitable incremental revenue
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  • Save money on transactional printing & mailing
  • Streamline BPO for print services
  • Outsource print supply inventory management & gain efficiencies
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  • Unlock incremental revenue streams by monetizing your customer file
  • Generate profitable new customers
  • Join top national brands who trust us to maximize revenue

Other GURU Solutions Suite Offerings for Catalog Industry Leaders

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