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ResponseGURU drives incremental profit

Proven response model with contact frequency optimization gets you the profit wins you want for your business.

  • Drive incremental revenue and profit, slash cannibalization
  • Mail the right touches at the right time, deeper into your housefile
  • Reclaim wasted ad spend
  • Fuel customer acquisition to drive record growth

Drive profit when you take your mailing productivity
to the next level.

Arm your marketing team with a power tool to supercharge direct mail results. Join industry leaders who use ResponseGURU with contact frequency optimization to earn record-breaking incremental profit gains.




Level up without Software Downloads

Desktop access for your team without downloading complex software.


Year-Round Support

Guidance & support from pros and power users. Marketing mentors guide you every step of the way.


All-Team Access

Use ResponseGURU across your entire marketing team with a single contract. No per-user add-on charges.


Step-by-Step Implementation

Guided Implementation & Training from DM experts who have put ResponseGURU to work for their business.

How It Works

The power of machine learning means you can hit the right contacts with the right touchpoints at the perfect time to drive record-breaking profit gains.

Optimize for contact frequency to win.

Conquer the holy grail of mailing productivity: Contact Frequency Optimization. Drive incremental revenue and profit, without over-mailing some, under-mailing others.

Drive waste out of your circulation planning.

Plan strategically across mailings and multiple catalog titles, beating typical results from traditional vertical campaign planning.

Multiple titles and teams. One unified strategy.

Synchronize contact strategies across categories, businesses, titles and teams. One unified plan drives results for your entire organization.

Channel marketing investment into customer acquisition.

With better productivity, minimal waste, our clients WIN. Reclaim direct mailing waste and drive revenue to fuel your growth-driving prospecting. 

Proven Results

Battle-tested by industry-leading, multi-title catalog mailers to drive record profit and growth while others in the industry faltered.

  • Proven to save up to 30% in ad costs
  • Shown to drive up to 42% incremental contribution per customer
  • Proven case studies show millions of dollars in contribution margin gained in a single year across multiple titles

Book a Demo. Get 6 Months FREE.

Get the wins you want next season. No risk. No obligation.

  • Book a 30-min Demo with ResponseGURU experts
  • See what ResponseGURU can do for you
    and how you can get your first 6 months FREE
  • Get a $100 gift card from The Swiss Colony®. (We know folks in the food gifts biz.)

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Case Studies

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