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ZAPFI Private Label Credit Program

Get reliable, profitable revenue with the proven credit program unlike other BNPL options.

  • Get customers to buy, and buy more often
  • Tap into new customer segments that were out of reach
  • Drive higher average order and lifetime values

Embrace smart risk to reap the rewards you want from a private label credit program. 

Why settle for uncertainty? Own your growth with confidence. Tap into the power of our unique private label credit program for the rewards and record-breaking performance your business deserves. Walk away from the true risk: doing the same thing and expecting different results.




Thriving credit revenue stream you own and control.

Own the full reward, without a bank siphoning your interest revenue or customer data.


Proven Roadmap to Credit Program Success

Proven partner with more than 30 years’ experience in credit risk and underwriting policy, as well as catalog marketing and customer service operations.


Step-by-Step Implementation

Guided implementation plans for Marketing, Finance, IT and Customer Service. Sail across the finish line without taking a single step alone.


Proven Marketing and Operations Plans

Launch, grow and win with the proven roadmap catalog industry trailblazers have traveled to achieve success.

How It Works

Put the full power of a ZAPFI credit revenue stream to work for your business. We’ve proven it works and will guide you. Gain profitable growth, customer data intelligence and access to new buyers that used to be out of reach.

Your balance sheet. Your revenue opportunity.

Experience what banks have known for years: the one who embraces smart risk reaps the rewards. On-balance-sheet credit, managed wisely, puts you in control of your destiny.

Drive incremental sales.

Optimize the performance of your existing rented lists and explore untapped potential in new lists for customer acquisition.

Set your brand apart. Build brand loyalty.

Stand out from the competition. Turn active customers into devoted brand advocates. Encourage more frequent purchases. Reignite inactive buyers from your customer file.

Penetrate new markets.

Expand your reach into adjacent sub-prime markets that your competitors, with traditional private-label credit strategies, can’t access.

Proven Results

Leading multi-title catalog brands know it’s true. ZAPFI drives record profit and growth that was unattainable with outdated marketing strategies.

  • Up to 33% sales lift among 0-12-Month buyers
  • Up to 70% sales lift among inactive buyers 
(13+ Month)
  • 5-20% Average Order Increase

Book a 30-Min Demo.

Take your first step toward a thriving credit revenue stream by this time next quarter.

  • Book a 30-Min Virtual Demo
  • See what ZAPFI can do for you.
  • Get a $100 gift card from The Swiss Colony®. (We know folks in the food gifts biz.)

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