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ListGURU provides
New Customers & Revenue Streams

Create an incremental revenue stream for your data assets and find profitable new data sources for new customer acquisition.

  • Unlock incremental revenue streams by monetizing your customers file, inventory on your websites, and outgoing promotional emails and mailings
  • Generate profitable new customers through postal list and custom digital audience testing
  • Represents top national brands that trust us to maximize revenue on their data assets
Let us put 40 years of direct marketing industry experience to work for you and your team.

Solutions To Help Direct Marketing Retailers Thrive

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Monetize your data assets with Media Management

  • Discover untapped revenue streams
  • Monetize your customer data and alternative media assets
  • Carefully managed process protects your data
  • Generate incremental revenue without doing the heavy lifting yourself
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Find new profitable sources for Customer Acquisition

  • Leverage our experienced List Brokerage Team
  • Explore new data sources
  • Target effectively and execute profitable customer acquisition campaigns 
  • Grow your pool of profitable new customers

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Let us share what’s worked for us to drive growth and profit that outpaces the industry.
We’ll share solutions to drive record-breaking results for your direct marketing retail business.