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Proven Partner for Omnichannel Retail

We’re an omnichannel retailer just like you with proven experience in catalog marketing and e-commerce. Whatever challenges you’ve faced, we’ve been there and found a solution we can share with you. 

  • Proven, data-driven solutions to drive measured, profitable growth
  • Driving results for Retail leaders in Marketing, Merchandising, Customer Care and Operations 
  • Reliable, predictable results you can trust to drive your Direct Marketing Retail company forward
Let us put 100 years of direct-to-consumer industry experience to work for you and your team.

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Let us share what’s worked for us to drive omnichannel growth and profit that outpaces the industry.
We’ll share solutions for record-breaking results for your omnichannel retail business.

Solutions To Help Omnichannel Marketing Retailers Thrive

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Enhance Merchandise Assortment with AssortmentGURU

  • Assortment optimization that drives better product decisions, faster
  • Drive profitable growth in 33% less time
  • Get product leaders back to product development
  • Proven for Retailers whose channels include direct-to-consumer print and e-commerce
  • Helps optimize product selection for email, website features and Google shopping
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Gain profitable growth with ZAPFI Private Label Credit Program

  • Private label credit program that’s unlike any other Buy-Now-Pay-Later option out there
  • Trade marketing costs for profitable incremental revenue
  • Drive higher AOV and order frequency across multiple channels
  • Tap new customer segments
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Boost Direct Mailing Productivity with ResponseGURU

  • Proven Direct Marketing response model with contact frequency optimization
  • Drive more incremental profit
  • Optimize contact frequency without over-mailing some, under-mailing others
  • Maximize mailing productivity and fund more customer acquisition
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Save money and boost satisfaction with ContactGURU outsourced contact center services

  • Outsource contact center services to reduce cost
  • Rely on us for overflow support during steep peaks, or outsource your entire operation
  • Drive higher satisfaction without headaches
  • Leverage our proven staffing model and results
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Reduce printing and mailing costs with PrintGURU

  • Save money on transactional printing and mailing
  • Streamline operations with BPO for print services
  • Affordable printing, inserting and mailing for statements and other critical documents
  • 4C capabilities to enhance print marketing support to drive online traffic: postcards, inserts and more
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Automate mailed payment processing with LockboxGURU

  • Slash labor costs with secure automated payment processing
  • Ideal for mailed payments: checks, money orders and more
  • Process high volumes of mailed payments in record time
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Monetize your data assets with Media Management & Data Monetization

  • Discover untapped revenue streams
  • Monetize your customer data
  • Carefully managed process protects your data
  • Generate incremental revenue without doing the heavy lifting yourself
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Find new profitable sources for Customer Acquisition

  • Leverage our experienced List Brokerage Team
  • Explore new data sources
  • Target effectively and execute profitable customer acquisition campaigns 
  • Grow your pool of profitable new customers