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Outsourced Call Center Agent with a head mic

Flexible Staffing Model Improves Contact Center Outsourcing

If you’re a contact center leader, you wrestle with customer service challenges every day. High staff turnover, fluctuating call volumes and managing customer experience across phone, email, SMS and chat can leave you feeling frazzled. Don’t forget to keep your costs in check while you juggle it all. Sound familiar?

If you’ve outsourced or have considered outsourcing contact center services, this article is for you. If you’d like to outsource your contact center processes, but are afraid of being disappointed, keep reading.

Your reluctance is understandable. Outsourcing contact center services can be great. Without the right partner, though, it can mean high costs and headaches. 

Staffing models matter. Not all contact center outsource providers are equal. That makes a difference in the value you get as a customer service outsourcing client. This article outlines the difference.

Why Some Contact Centers Don’t Outsource: Breaking Down Barriers

Customer experience leaders, we get it. Long before ContactGURU by IMS served as an outsource service provider for contact center clients, we were a customer service organization striving for the best-possible customer experience for all of Colony Brands’ businesses. We’ve wrestled with and solved challenges like the ones you face. 

Today, our customer support teams handle 20 million customer contacts each year for our clients. As our business has grown, we’ve focused on building a best-in-class contact center. 

We can appreciate why customer-focused contact center leaders are reluctant to outsource. The fear of losing control over crucial service aspects and of diminishing service quality can be formidable barriers. IMS views these concerns as challenges to be addressed. IMS has set a new standard in customer support outsourcer models—one that aligns with the expectations and needs of operations leaders. 

At-Home, Part-Time Employee Staffing Means Value for Contact Center Clients

A key element that sets ContactGURU by IMS apart lies in our proven staffing model. For more than 25 years, long before work-at-home was in fashion, we’ve mastered the part-time, at-home flexible employee staffing model. 

In the world of customer service outsource providers, full-time, on-site employees are the norm on one end of the spectrum. Using contractors or gig workers is on the other end. Part-time, at-home employee staffing, when executed well, beats them all.

These customer satisfaction numbers show just how attractive the part-time, at-home employee agent model is, not only for clients but for call center representatives as well.

ContactGURU’s model isn’t just a theoretical concept—it’s a proven success story. By offering part-time positions with the flexibility of working from home, ContactGURU has successfully attracted, trained and retained a dedicated workforce. As a result, we enjoy a significant reduction in turnover, with a retention rate that’s four times better than other outsourcers.

Our Background: A Customer Service Operation First

Before becoming the go-to contact service outsource solution for our clients, ContactGURU provided customer service for Colony Brands, a leader in the catalog industry. This meant facing challenges head-on, not as an outsider looking in but as an integral part of the operational machinery. ContactGURU by IMS was the beating heart of customer service. This shaped our understanding of the industry and spurred us to innovate and build a better model.

As an operations leader, you owe it to yourself to explore outsource solutions that address your challenges and provide tangible, effective ways to improve your customer experience with fewer headaches and lower costs.

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