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Marketing Contact Optimization Services

A partnership with IMS’ data science team provides you with the tools and analytics necessary to optimize your customer contact strategy.

Data Analytics

Response Modeling

IMS’ proprietary statistical modeling technique can predict the responsiveness and sales volume of your customers.  Accompanying the response models with a segmentation system, you can be confident you are contacting the right customers with the right number of overall contacts to reach your financial goals.

Circulation Optimization

IMS’ data science team can recommend the optimal seasonal frequencies based on historical cannibalization measures from decades of testing.  It is designed to drive positive incremental profit with each additional marketing contact.

Optimize each campaign.

For direct marketers, rising marketing costs continue to negatively impact profit; sub-optimal contact strategy measurement and controls can cause contact inefficiency at the brand and corporate level. We’ll help you identify which customers to contact and how often you should contact them in order to optimize the effectiveness of each campaign.