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Customer Acquisition

Target profitable new customers to drive growth.

  • Enhance your existing marketing and circulation plan
  • Pursue profitable growth for new product ventures
  • We help drive profitable campaign execution

Proven Partner for Business Growth
Through Customer Acquisition

IMS List Brokerage will be a strong partner who shares your vision and responsibility for campaign execution and profitability. IMS List Brokerage will help fine-tune existing marketing and circulation plans or new product ventures.

With more than 25 years of customer acquisition experience, IMS List Brokerage serves well-established catalog companies with strong brands. We can help drive profitable growth for your business.

As catalog marketers just like you, we’ve developed data-driven solutions that are proven to generate incremental growth that far outpaces the industry.

Customer Acquisition Services for Catalog Companies

List Fulfillment

  • List research for profitable, targeted direct marketing strategies
  • List pricing negotiations
  • Innovative acquisition strategies
  • Decades of proven results and outstanding customer service for our clients

Customer Acquisition Strategies

  • Starts with a thorough understanding of your products and services
  • Identify unique ways to win in today’s competitive marketplace
  • Extensive professional knowledge and experience
  • Direct marketing veterans and best-in-class data analytics experts
  • Top-notch reporting capabilities with proven results

Book a Call. Target profitable new customers.

Join catalog industry leaders who rely on us for customer acquisition services.

  • Book a 30-min Call with IMS marketing experts
  • See what we can do for you
  • Acquire new customers to drive incremental revenue