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Media Management and Data Monetization

Maximize revenue on your data assets.

  • Grow revenue of an insert media program
  • Monetize your customer file
  • Generate ad revenue in your outgoing email promotions

Media Management and Data Monetization Services

Managed Media Data Cards

  • Find responsive consumer targeted lists
  • Optimize ROI with insert programs that match your demographics
  • Target proven direct marketing buyers with premium list selections

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List Management

  • Maximize leverage of your data assets
  • Earn valuable, scalable income
  • Maximize your list rental income
  • Aggressively promote your list
  • Overlay data to make your list more valuable
  • Identify secondary markets for expansion
  • Increase list exchange opportunities with like-minded companies
  • Leverage our network to drive sales and income
  • Best-in-class customer service

Insert Media Management

  • Turnkey solution 
  • Generate insert media income 
  • Offset overhead costs
  • Get great results without adding another project to your to-do list
  • More than 500,000,000 impressions placed annually

Digital Media Management

  • Unlock new revenue streams with an advertising technology platform designed for email or websites
  • Enable advertisers to bid on available ad space within your digital ad inventory
  • Use unfilled impressions to deliver your own personalized promotions and offers
  • IMS’ Digital Media Management has a proven process to make it easy to monetize every impression on all devices, screens and browsers

We can implement new revenue streams for you to monetize your data assets.

Integrated Marketing Solutions (IMS) represents top national brands that trust us to maximize revenue on their data assets. 

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beauty boutique
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fresh finds
colony brands
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green county foods
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montgomery ward
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time for me

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