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File Folders holding data Transactional Printing Partner Audit Tool

Transactional Printing Partner Audit Tool

When it comes to your business, make sure that your transactional printing partner meets the standards your business deserves. We’ve compiled 13 essential questions to help you evaluate your print and mail services provider. If they can’t answer “yes” to all of these questions, it might be time to explore better alternatives.

Don’t settle for a print and mail partner that falls short in terms of pricing, quality control, and cost management. Use these questions as a guide to assess your transactional printing company and make an informed decision.

Our print and mail services provider audit is designed to assist you in identifying the ideal solution for your print and mail service needs.

(HINT: If your current partner can’t say “yes” to all 13 questions, it’s time for us to have a conversation!)

Can Your Transactional Printing Partner Meet These Key Criteria?

1. Can your transactional printing provider match or beat industry leaders in price, including the big guys?

If you haven’t gotten a bid recently, you could be missing out on significant savings for outsourced print and mail services. Ensuring cost competitiveness is essential for your bottom line, so regularly seeking competitive bids can save you money in the long run.

2. Do their print and mail performance metrics and track record give you assurance that you’ll get the consistently high quality and reliability you deserve?

If you’re outsourcing your print and mail services now, would you hire your provider again based on current performance? If you’re new to outsourcing, check their performance metrics and references closely before you hire them. It’s vital to have confidence in your print and mail provider’s track record and their ability to meet your quality expectations.

3. Does your print and mail services partner have a rigorous Service License Agreement and top-notch communication protocols to prevent errors, missed deadlines, and other printing service issues, and resolve them quickly if they happen?

A strong Service License Agreement and robust communication protocols are crucial to maintaining a smooth and error-free printing process.

4. Do they have the print and mail capacity and flexibility to grow with you and perform flawlessly during your steepest peak season?

Do they have the equipment, capacity, and leading-edge technological capabilities you need now and well into the future? Scalability and technological readiness are vital to ensure your provider can meet your evolving needs and handle peak demand without hiccups.

5. Is your print and mail service provider innovative?

Does your printing provider bring new ideas to help you streamline printing operations and deliver new ways of serving your customers better? When was the last time your transactional printing provider proactively offered an idea to help you save money, save time, or make your life easier? Innovative solutions can lead to cost savings, improved efficiency, and better customer service.

6. Does your transactional printing provider’s responsiveness and resourcefulness solve key challenges for your operation?

Do they have a “can do” approach to the problems you bring to them, and work hard to find an innovative solution? Exceptional responsiveness and problem-solving abilities are critical for maintaining a seamless workflow and addressing unexpected challenges promptly.

7. Do they provide leading-edge data security and privacy levels to ensure you and your customers are protected?

Data security and privacy are paramount in transactional printing to protect sensitive information and maintain customer trust.

8. Do they have controls in place to manage print and mail cost increases and overruns?

Transparent cost controls are essential to manage your print and mail budget effectively and prevent unexpected expenses.

9. Can they prove to you that they understand that transactional printing is a core element of how you interact with your customers?

Understanding the importance of transactional printing in customer relationships is key to delivering personalized and effective communications.

10. Do they offer the full range of transactional print and mail needs?

Can they handle not only black and white statements with multiple inserts, but also four-color postcards, self-mail flyers, posters, booklets, envelopes and more? A full-service print and mail partner helps you make an impact with your customers and prospects. A comprehensive range of printing services helps you get all your communication needs met with one partner.

11. Can they help with print supply inventory management so you can take full advantage of procurement efficiencies for paper, envelopes, inserts, cardstock, boxes, and more?

The right printer can reduce headaches by doing this work for you. Can they store and manage materials, so you don’t have to? Efficient inventory management with a printing partner who’s large enough to have buying power and rock-solid vendor relationships can help optimize procurement and reduce costs.

12. Is your printing partner an industry peer with decades of firsthand experience serving their own customers with more than 35 million pieces mailed annually?

A provider with extensive industry experience can offer valuable insights and reliability.

13. Can your transactional printing partner also solve other business process challenges for you, like contact center outsourcing, lockbox for secure remittance processing, and more?

Expanding their services beyond printing can offer a one-stop solution for your various business needs.

For nearly a century, the seasoned team at PrintGURU by IMS has worked with businesses like yours to deliver print services that put customers first, from statements and invoices and other critical documents, to inserts, promotional mailings, postcards and collection letters.

We’d love the chance to serve you. Give us a chance to beat your current costing model. Book a Call today to learn more, and let us get a quote going for you!