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Credit Union 4-18-2024-Blog

Credit Unions Save with Outsourced Print and Mail

Credit unions, as member-owned financial institutions, prioritize delivering exceptional member service while keeping expenses low. This balance sets them apart from the competition and is key for maintaining member trust and business.

These days, credit unions face the challenge of reducing costs without diminishing the quality of member services. It could help to rethink how you handle transactional printing for your credit union.

Effective communication with members—be it through credit union statement processing, updates on new programs, or compliance notifications—is critical. Regular print and mail communication not only keeps members informed, but also strengthens relationships and engagement. However, the rising costs of printing pose a significant concern for credit union leaders.

Advantages for Credit Unions Who Outsource Print and Mail

Outsourcing print and mail services can help credit unions who are looking to economize. The right print and mail outsource provider helps credit unions to manage printing costs and ensure timely service. Outsourcing is often more affordable than printing in-house in a few key ways:

The need for cost-effective transactional printing is growing among credit unions. Finding a partner that can deliver these benefits and offers effective solutions is critical.

Choose the Right Print and Mail Services Partner

PrintGURU by IMS is a reliable partner, offering more than 40 years of expertise in transactional printing, inserting, and mailing. This seasoned supplier can help credit unions reduce expenses related to critical document printing. 

The principle of focusing on core competencies applies here. Credit unions excel in financial management, not print and mail operations. Outsourcing print and mail services is a strategic move.

Benefits of Outsourcing Print and Mail to PrintGURU by IMS

Considerations For Credit Unions Choosing a Print and Mail Outsource Solution

Are you a credit union interested in how outsourcing transactional printing can lead to cost savings and operational improvements? Book a call with the experts at PrintGURU by IMS. It could be the first step towards achieving your goals.