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The Art and Science of Catalog Product Assortment Strategies-Data-Explosion The Art and Science of Catalog Product Assortment Strategies

In the world of catalog merchandising, the interplay between art and science forms the bedrock of success for your product mix. The art of merchandising…

4-25-2024-AssortmentGURU-Blog-Post Homegoods Brand Drives 2.6x Pull in Google Shopping with Product Assortment Tool

The Challenge Our Insights Our Approach Results Conclusion Catalog retailer Montgomery Ward wanted to improve its print catalog and Google Shopping results. They’d once been…

AssortmentGURU 4-3-2024-Blog Post Want to Improve New Product Hit Rates? You Can.

Catalog merchandising teams thrive on creativity and want nothing more than to engage in new-product introductions 24/7. Your catalog merchandising strategy and business growth depends…

Catalog Merchandising Manager selecting product on a tablet Simplify Catalog Assortment Optimization with A Single Score

Find the innovative solution that could be the guiding star your catalog merchandising team has been searching for.