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Print and Mail Client’s Inventory Challenges Solved, Paper Costs Cut by 10%

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Print and Mail Client’s Inventory Challenges Solved, Paper Costs Cut by 10%

The Challenge

The Challenge

Pandemic supply chain issues create print and mail inventory management struggles.

During the pandemic, an industry-leading multi-title catalog mailer had been ordering its own paper, envelopes, statement printing supplies and more, but was running out of supplies. They risked missing two cycles of customer communication. This would put them out of compliance, impacting their Accounts Receivable and their business.

To make matters worse, supply chain issues for print and mail materials were unreliable and unpredictable during the pandemic, making a quick response nearly impossible. They needed help fast.

Our Insights

Our Insights

Thanks to streamlined processes and relationships with our vendors, the team at PrintGuru knew in advance that a paper crunch was on the horizon. The PrintGuru team had stocked up to service its own businesses and clients. As a result, we were in a position to help this catalog client and keep them in compliance for customer communications.

We knew that the inventory crunch, risk of missing statement cycles, and supply lead time changes would push this catalog company past the threshold of having print material available to complete the work. We pitched in to help them stay in compliance and keep their business on track.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Knowing that supply chain issues were a problem, IMS took the novel approach of starting its own initiative to stock up proactively. This shielded the internal organization and existing clients from supply chain problems even during the heat of the pandemic. PrintGuru used a few of its own paper supply vendors and began building up print and mail services supplies that were 6-9 months ahead in its ordering scheme.

PrintGuru could fix this mailer’s problem with its own paper backstock as a stopgap measure. It utilized some of its procurement excess to fill the client’s gap, along with some of the blank material that PrintGuru keeps on hand for internal issues. To get their compliance communications printed, PrintGuru used some of its third-party vendors.

It required the company to manage multiple vendors to try and solve this problem. 



This multi-title mailer client was blown away by PrintGuru’s unique solution, vendor relationships, and operational excellence. Long term, IMS took over their procurement management for print material. Now, IMS houses their material, ensuring it can physically count it and see where it is with inventory, enabling quicker response if supplies need to be ordered.

>10% Reduction in Paper Costs

PrintGURU buying power and vendor relationships cut paper costs by 10%.

Streamlined Inventory Management

Outsourcing inventory management reduced risk, time and cost.

100% Compliance

Avoided missing two print cycles that had been at risk.

6 Months’ On-Hand Inventory

IMS ramped up inventory with minimal issues.



This one-of-a-kind cost-effective and streamlined approach to print and mail services reduced unnecessary expenses for the customer and led to a substantial increase in profitability.

Now PrintGuru is working to find additional savings by streamlining this company’s print pieces for efficiency.

PrintGuru doesn’t just do transactional printing. The company has also operated its own large-scale customer service operation for nearly a century. As a result, the company has seen supply chain trends and plans accordingly, stocking extra material to operate the business.Do you have print and mail service issues that seem unsolvable? We’d love to hear what they are. As an operational leader, we’re always focused on where we can streamline operations, run more smoothly, and save costs. All while solving unsolvable problems. Book a Demo today to learn more.

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