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CFOs Love the Right Private Label Credit Program Why CFOs Love the RIGHT Private Label Credit Program

Getting multi-title catalog company CFOs and financial executives on board with new programs can be a tough sell. It’s almost a running joke among our…

4-22-2024-ZAPFI-Blog-Post What Banks Won’t Tell You About Private Label Credit Programs

For finance and marketing executives at large direct mail companies, understanding the dynamics of private label credit programs is crucial. When partnering with banks for…

4-8-2024-ZAPFI Blog Post Household Goods Catalog Gains Profit with ZAPFI Credit

Under the gun to meet their next print cycle date, this marketer needed to create a compliance communications piece to make their customers aware of a rate change to their credit programs. To stay in compliance without missing cycles, they needed to do this in record time, while keeping costs to a minimum.

ZAPFI-couple shopping on laptop Private Label Credit Helps Multi-Title Mailers Boost Revenue, Profits

Open-minded, growth-focused catalog brands are turning to a proven private label credit program that’s a unique solution for driving growth and profits.