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Private Label Credit Helps Multi-Title Mailers Boost Revenue, Profits

In a world of fierce competition, even the most savvy catalog industry leaders can hit a wall when it comes to making more money. Open-minded, growth-focused catalog brands are turning to a proven private label credit program that’s a unique solution for driving growth and profits.

By adding a private label credit program that’s unlike any other buy now, pay later options out there, multi-title mailers can solve many of the problems they commonly face these days, and earn record-breaking gains in incremental growth and profit.

Private Label Credit Programs Can Help Solve Common Challenges for Multi-Title Catalog Mailers

Multi-title catalog retailers typically have a few key challenges in common: 

ZAPFI: Unique Private Label Credit Program. Proven Results.

The ZAPFI Private Label Credit Program by IMS is a game-changer, especially for businesses in the catalog industry. This private-label credit card focuses on the subprime and near-prime market segments, reaching customers who prefer in-house credit options over traditional bank cards or cash payments.

What makes ZAPFI stand out is its ability to approve orders that traditional bank-funded credit cards might reject as too risky. This approach broadens the customer base and offers tailored solutions for navigating the complexities of sub-prime and near-prime markets.

Using a private label credit card program to go the subprime route makes some direct marketing leaders uneasy. However, savvy mailers who’ve tried it with step-by-step guidance from the proven credit business gurus at ZAPFI have learned that it’s possible to manage credit and debt risk profitably. What’s more, they’re able to dramatically reduce marketing costs, resulting in a significant net gain of both growth and profit.