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LockboxGURU Automated Lockbox Service Saves Time and Money

Outsourcing your mailed payment processing saves time and cost versus manual payment processing.

  • Cost-effective, time-saving mailed payment processing
  • Checks, money orders, IVR, ACH and more
  • Streamline your AR process for mailed payments

Secure, Outsourced Automated Processing
for Mailed Payments

LockboxGURU has earned its name. With more than 30 years’ experience in automated payment processing for large-scale direct marketing clients, we’re experts who help you improve profitability, while saving hassle and time. Since 1997, we’ve helped businesses like yours to expedite the collection of paper-based payments and provide timely payment information to update accounts receivable records. Gain competitive advantage with our experience and efficiency. 

Your Outsource Service Provider for Lockbox Services

Lockbox Services

  • Streamlined secure payment processing (checks, money orders, ACH, IVR)
  • High-speed efficiency reduces labor costs
  • Decades of experience handling 15+ million mailed payments yearly
  • Virtually limitless capacity (30k+ payments per hour)
  • Reduced bank fees with streamlined operations
  • Existing relationships with banks like PNC, Bank of America, BMO, and more, or new setups as needed

Lockbox Benefits For You

  • Cut hours, even days, out of your mailed collections process
  • Improve deposit availability
  • Reduce mail float by taking advantage of faster mail delivery
  • Improve staff productivity by automating manual processes
  • Reduce theft, fraud and error by reducing touches per transaction
  • Access decision-critical account information from your desktop
  • Speed remittances and improve overall cash flow

Outsource Other Business Processes to Save Time and Money

Print, Insert and Mail Services

  • 40 years’ print and mail experience for affordable, streamlined operations
  • Mail Marketing & Inserting, including selective inserting for targeted messages
  • Print Material Inventory Management and Procurement
  • Barcode tracking from printing to mail stream with our mailing experts
  • Ideal for outsourced transactional printing from statement processing to regulatory and other critical documents

Contact Center Services

  • Inbound and Outbound Voice, Email, SMS, Chat, and Social support
  • 25 years’ experience part-time, remote employee staffing
  • Unparalleled flexibility, even within a single day – no quotas
  • 4x agent retention versus industry average, for excellent customer experience
  • Onshore and offshore employee-staffed operations for quality and affordability
  • Expertise in Fraud Prevention and Collections, with decades of Credit Sector experience

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